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Progreso Verde

Sustainable Rural Development & Reforestation in Ecuador

CRACYP (which stands for Rural Forestation and Progress Network Corporation, in Spanish) is a non profit organisation facilitating reforestation and sustainable rural development in an agricultural area of extreme poverty.  We work with over 200 communities in the subtropical foothills of the Western Andes in Ecuador.  
Our mission is "Progreso Verde" or "Green Progress" - that is, social and economic development, but in a way which protects the environment.  We build environmental awareness and motivate and assist local communities to take practical conservation action.  Our sustainable development projects help to increase incomes to the point where people are able to think further ahead than the next meal and can afford to care about the environment.
The 'price' of our help is that they must use a small percentage of the extra income to plant trees - which stabilize and enrich their land and provide them with fruits or other useful products.
CRACYP's "Green Progress" projects are long-term.  We train people in techniques for sustainable agriculture and appropriate technology to add value to their crops by processing them locally rather than selling them as raw materials, and provide ongoing support.  We advise on and assist with the reforestation process.  In this way the communities improve their quality of life and preserve the environment on which their future depends. 
Please visit again soon for the latest information about our "Green Progress" reforestation and sustainable development projects in rural communities in Ecuador, which include fair trade organic chocolate production, organic fair trade sugarcane farming and alcohol productionecotourism, recycling plastics, irrigation systems,  scholarships, rescue of sensitive ecosystems in the Galapagos Islands, community banks and more.  
There are sustainable development internships and volunteer opportunities available in mainland Ecuador. Recommended readingEcuador time and weather information and Ecuador photo galleries can all be found in the Resources & Links section.
Ecuadorian registered not-for-profit organisation, MBS. N. 02544
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Progreso Verde - Green Progress
Sustainable rural development and reforestation in Ecuador
Socially, economically and environmentally sustainable projects by CRACYP
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An ancient saman tree in Ecuador
Hummingbird (Baron´s Hermit) in Ecuador
Unloading organic sugarcane from a donkey in Ecuador - an example of sustainable agriculture
Tree seedlings ready to be planted out in Ecuador for a reforestation programme
Cacao (chocolate) beans in sack in Ecuador
Eco-tourists in Ecuador investigating a sustainable development project.